Medical Micro-pigmentation that delivers fantastic results using specialist techniques implanting colour, camouflaging and minimizing scarred areas. Areola post breast reconstruction can be created by adding layers of colours. This also can help with areas of colour loss to the face, scalp and the body.

Medical Tattooing/Micro-Pigmentation

Medical Micro-pigmentation delivers fantastic results and can help improve the lives of many clients who suffer from medical conditions such as:

Reconstruction of areola/nipple
Reconstruction of cleft lip palate
Scar/Burns Camouflage
Hair Replacement
Areola Reconstruction
Cleft Palate Reconstruction

Is Medical Tattooing For Me?

Do you have loss of eyebrow hair and lashes due to alopecia or chemotherapy?

Do you have loss of pigmentation due to vitiligo or similar pigmentation loss?

Have you have been left with scarring after injury or surgery?

Have you have had a mastectomy and need areola and nipple reconstruction?

We Specialise In Working With Clients Coping With Illness, injury or disfigurement

"During the consultations and treatments, it is extremely important to me to recognise the client’s expectations and desired outcome and to listen to their personal reasons for attending my clinic. The majority of my medical micro-pigmentation clients have personally battled with cancer and the ill effects of medications administered to help them battle through the disease. From eyebrow replacement to areola and nipple re-construction it gives me great satisfaction to know that I can help change someone’s life and help restore their confidence and self esteem."

Jan Leiper

Areola Correction

Using specialist needles and pigment we can recreate loss of shape and colour giving you your confidence back.

Skin Camouflage

Skin Camouflage can shade the white surgical patches left from skin grafting to reveal a more natural appearance. Using a specialist blend of colours we colour match the best we can.

Jan will help you complete your medical consent form and take photos of the area to be treated.
The area will be cleansed.
Topical anaesthetic will be applied to the area.
A skin colour match will be made.
Once treated full after care will be given with healing advise and a follow up appointment made for 4-6 weeks
No sauna, sun bed, steam room, swimming, bathing of the area for up to 5-7 days.

Jan Leiper Independent Nurse Prescriber

Please be make up free on the treatment area.
Eat before you come for treatment and please hydrate.
Wear comfortable clothing for lying down

Treatment Summary
  • Number of treatmentsNumber of treatments 1
  • Procedure timeProcedure time 2
  • AnaestheticAnaesthetic 3
  • Sensitivity PeriodSensitivity Period 4
  • Duration of resultsDuration of results 5
  • Back to workBack to work 6
  • Full RecoveryFull Recovery 7
2017 Price list
  • £150/hrScar Rejuvenation (Stretch Marks / Injury)
  • £300Areloa Colour
  • £3003D Nipple Correction
  • £150/hrScalp Camouflage
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