Australian Bodycare Coconut Gelee Wax

This revolutionary wax is Rosin (colophony) free, the main allergen in the majority of waxes. It contains titanium Dioxide which is soothing, cooling and calming on the skin helping to reduce irritation and post wax redness.  Suitable for all hair and skin types.

Your practitioner will ask you to sign a consent to wax. She will then pre cleanse the area with specific pre-waxing oil. Once the treatment is complete she will finish the treatment with the after care oil or aloe gel.
Full after care will be given.

Claire Lawrie

We will cleanse the area before treatment.

No sauna, steam room, sunbed 24 hours before and 48 hours after.

Avoid excessive exercise, swimming pools, exfoliating and perfumed products for 48 hours after.

What a difference this has made to me. I visit for my bikini and using this wax is far more comfortable. The warm temperature opens my pores and the essential oils soothes instantly.

RY, Aberdeen
2019 Price list
  • £15Standard Bikini
  • £20Extended Bikini
  • £18Lip & Chin
  • £12Eyebrow
  • £20Full Arm
  • £15Half Arm
  • £15Underarm
  • £40Half Leg, Underarm, Bikini
  • £40Full Leg, Bikini
  • £32Full Leg
  • £273/4 Leg
  • £25Half Leg
  • £30Chest / Back
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